Go beyond the label

All-in-one augmented reality (AR) solution for wines, beers, and spirits



Global availability
DRNK:AR is readily and commercially available globally, including in China.

Engage consumers remotely
Reach out to consumers beyond retail stores and encourage product interaction through ecommerce sites, virtual tastings, and more.

Obtain data and insights
Easily access product and campaign statistics, as well as insight and analytics on consumer behavior from a single online platform.

Entice millennials
Create unique, immersive, and personalized content that will set you apart from your competition, and excite the next generation of consumers.

Impact on Sales

Popularity of AR

According to a study, up to 100 million people will shop with AR both online and in retail stores by 2020.

Consumer Expectation

Nearly 75% of consumers already expect retailers to offer some form of AR experiences.  

Better Decision-Making

Using AR helps to simplify the decision-making process, making shoppers 86% more likely to make a purchase.

Our Solution

Encourage consumer engagement and drive sales for your products using WebAR as an activation point. Easily accessible via any mobile web browser, WebAR can be used widely on your own website and ecommerce sites, as well as to advertise on popular social media platforms and the Google Network.

iOS/Android App
Discover wines, beers, and spirits, and have an enjoyable time shopping for alcohol as you learn more about each product and its producer through immersive AR experiences.
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DRNK:AR Platform
An online platform for businesses to quickly and easily view and manage all products and AR activities, as well as access data and analytics, anytime and anywhere.
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Our AR Experiences

AR Subscription for your label

Add another dimension to your labels in order to display extended products information and more than 15 interactive AR components like:

  • Product info
  • Grape varietals
  • Aromas
  • Tasting notes
  • Food pairings
  • Videos
  • Ecommerce links
  • Social media
  • Awards & medals

...and much more.

Animated Label

3D Premium

AR Portal

Your label comes alive and tells your story in 2D directly on the bottle. (Up to 30 seconds of animation.)
Engaging 3D animated scene surrounding the bottle with interactive features, which can be gamified.
Virtually transport customers to your vineyard or winery for a truly immersive experience.

AR Campaign for Wine Connection

Boosting Consumer Engagement Through Augmented Reality

How can brands and retailers of alcoholic beverages reach out to the next generation of consumers — the millennials — and differentiate themselves from other players in the industry?

Download a free copy of this case study to find out how DRNK:AR technology helped Wine Connection Singapore:

  • Boost consumer engagement through a gamified retail experience
  • Drive store visits and increase sales
  • Gain insights into consumer behavior and profiling

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Where can I use DRNK:AR?
Trade fairs, private events and sales, tasting rooms (and virtual tasting rooms), marketing campaigns, retail promotions, staff training — the possibilities are endless.

Q: Which countries are DRNK:AR available in?
We are available in over 50 countries across North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia-Pacific (including China). 

Q: What is the level of commitment required from me?
1. Provide us with accurate measurements and high-resolution images of your bottles and labels.
2. Use the provided “See my virtual story” tag where needed to let customers know that you have an AR label.

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