How Augmented Reality is changing the world of consumer marketing

November 8, 2017

As little as five years ago, Augmented Reality was just a far away ambition. Today in 2019, it is set to become one of the most invested strategies used in consumer marketing. It promises to enhance every user’s experience into an interactive and engaging one, such that every consumer out there can expect a much more advanced and high-tech interactions with their products now.

DRNK AR stands at the forefront of this ambition. By leveraging on new technology like Augmented Reality, DRNK AR aims to provide a new and exciting way for consumers to interact with products, changing and improving brand loyalty. The role of Augmented Reality is bigger than we think - as expectations of its potential continues to increase. 

DRNK app is satisfying millennial and centennial digital product needs, merging offline product with online experience.” - Lukasz Piotrowski, CEO & Founder Omniaz

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