DRNK:AR Subscription & Add-On Services

AR Subscription
Our Advanced AR experience frees you from the space constraint commonly faced when trying to fit mandatory information onto a small label. By expanding your labels, you will be able to display extended product details.

Enhance your labels with up to 15 interactive AR components.

  • Product information
  • Grape varietals
  • Aromas
  • Tasting notes
  • Food pairings
  • Serving suggestions
  • Videos
  • Awards & accolades
  • Producer images
  • Ecommerce links
  • Retail stores
  • Social media
  • Product portfolio
  • Cocktail recipes
  • Shareability

Additional AR Services

Choose any of the following to add on to your AR subscription

Animated Label

3D Premium

Your label comes alive and tells your story in 2D directly on the bottle. (Up to 30 seconds of animation.)
Engaging 3D animated scene surrounding the bottle with interactive features, which can be gamified.

AR Portal

Virtually transport customers to your vineyard or winery for a truly immersive experience.

Marketing Package

We make your AR available on social media to further drive user activation, engagement, and sales.

Have a custom idea?

From gamified campaigns to event activation, we can create a customized proposal to suit your needs and vision.

Gamified campaign with coupons to win and redeem

View video

Event activation with a quiz and prizes

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