Quick and easy to apply
DRNK:AR is already commercially available, with quick turnaround time. We can set up an AR experience for you with minimal information and materials required on your part. You don’t even have to change your existing labels.

Numerous functionality
DRNK:AR can be used for any occasion. Impress buyers at trade fairs and private sales, or create an immersive and memorable experience for a virtual tasting room. Launch gamified campaigns and retail promotions. You can even use it to aid staff training.

Engage with young consumers
We will guide you in reaching out to Gen Y and Z consumers through unique, immersive, and exciting content. Your AR experiences will also be made available on the various social media channels that these young consumers are active on.

We handle everything for you
All back-end matters such as app and platform development, maintenance, and hosting will be handled by us. You don’t have to worry about the cost, complexities, or expertise involved in launching and scaling an AR mobile app.

Other benefits with DRNK:AR

Global availability (incl. China)
Products are accessible to consumers remotely
All tools and information needed to boost sales
Maintain control over your own content
Stand out from competition
Insights and analytics on products and consumers